Our Motivation

The information below is written by Michael Cosgrove, founder of College Scouting Resource and CSRProspects.com.

The Story Behind CSR

There are way too many Southern California High School baseball and Junior College players that get overlooked every year. For many of them, it’s a financial burden to go to college camps, play in showcases, and travel to various colleges to get a look. For college coaches, it’s also a financial burden to travel all over the country to look for potential players that they might not even like. This is where my website comes into play. I am an ex D1 pitcher that pitched at the University of Tennessee. I grew up in Southern California and was overlooked during my High School years. I had to go to a Junior College (Cypress JC) to advance my baseball career ( which led to 11 Minor League seasons). I have worked and coached with some really good HS/Junior College baseball players that received scholarships to 4-year colleges. I have also worked with some really good HS/Junior College baseball players that didn’t. This is why I have created CollegeScoutingResource.com. College Scouting Resource (CSR Prospects) is a website designed to connect the realistic 4 year college baseball prospect with college recruiting coordinators across the country. I played at the college and professional levels. I know what quality players look like. Southern California is rich in talented baseball players and I am going to do my part in getting them exposure.