Why We’re Different

The information below is written by Michael Cosgrove, founder of College Scouting Resource and CSRProspects.com.

A Comparison

CollegeScoutingResource.com is unlike any other recruiting website. CSR serves as a baseball only website and is driven by an ex D1 and 11 year professional baseball player. This website targets legitimate HS/Junior College baseball prospects that I personally feel can play at the 4 year level. Most importantly, the recruiting coordinator will get my unbiased report on every player that is asked to be on this site. I say asked because unlike many recruiting websites out there today, I will NOT have anyone and everyone that can pay a fee and have a video on a website. CSR will act as a resource for both the recruiting coordinators across the country and the players that are on CSR’s website.

With you doing your site this way, it will really separate you from all of the others. You know as well as I do that 90% of kids on these recruiting sites are not guys that we are interested in. The fact that every kid you have on your site brings something to the table for D1 coaches is something I look forward to looking at. I will continue to look at your site on a weekly basis and when I come across a kid I really like and would fit our program I will be sure to contact you.

~Divison 1 College Recruiting Coordinator/Pitching Coach